Cædmon's Call MP3's!!!

This is Cædmon's Call's second CD "just don't want coffee", which was released in 1995. All of these songs are in MP3 format and recorded at 64 Kpbs:
Close of Autumn 2,395 KB
Not the Land 2,294 KB
April Showers 1,751 KB
I just don't want coffee 3,038 KB
Forget What You Know 2,268 KB (slightly different version than above - check out the intro and the ending, very cool!)
Another 10 Miles 1,940 KB

For those of you who may worry about copyrights, I give you the following statement from Cædmon's Call, quoted directly from the My Calm//Your Storm CD back cover:

"Unauthorized reproduction or presentation in a public setting for no profit is encouraged and in no way in violation of applicable laws."!!!
Isn't that awesome? Share this great music with all of your friends!

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